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There's always a rush when creating something new, and an overwhelimg sense of accomplishment when it all comes together in the end.

We at Nyte Publications want to see your vision through to the end. Our founder is leading the way with our first fiction novel. We hope that many more will follow suit and join us as we forge a new path into the publication industry.

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A Call To Arms

  1. The crypto-industry is powerless less we recognize our place, or lack there of, in traditional print media.
  2. Together, as a great united power of authors, crypto enthusiasts, bounty hunters, and revolutionaries we can claim our rightful place in the traditional sectors.
  3. It is by our will and faith in the Bitcoin source-code that we may see a new future of our design take hold!
  4. Take up your sword and write a future anew.
  5. Bring that new future to the masses.
  6. With faith in Satoshi’s Vision, we are united and ready for the storm that we face.
  7. We will fight with truth, humility, power, and right reasoning of judgement.
  8. Nyte Publication will take your works and formulate a battle plan.
  9. We will directly influence readers around the world.
  10. We will press on continuously until our vision and your vision comes to fruition.
  11. We will seek solace in our time of battle, preparing ourselves for the fights ahead of us.
  12. We will take the Call to Arms of NytePath to all people we meet and spread the word.

This is more than just putting money into our pockets, both the Nyte team and it’s followers. This is about enscribing our name on history and leaving a legacy of freedom fighters behind. They will not see us coming, for we write in the shadows. We will usher in a new era, together, for without you, Nyte Publication's ceases to exist. Share in our vision. Bring our wealth of knowledge to the masses. For when we are united, we are a power greater than one. This isn’t a small time gig, this is a fight for freedom and liberation of knowledge. Let’s embark on this mission together and see the end through. We can not and will not falter, for we are one. We are the Nyte. Hodl or trade, write or market, we need you.

Who We Are?

Think of us as the dark side of the pub. We’re sitting in the back corner, the music is playing and the smell of hops and fried-cod fills the air. There on the floor is an outline of an attache case. You’ve always heard rumors about us, but never dare venture to the dark-side of the pub. You’re a writer, you sit under the light of the bar with general population and time and time again your manuscript gets covered in grease. Today is different, you walk to the back side of the pub and you sit down across from us. You can’t see our eyes, just our hands. You have no clue what Bitcoin is, let alone Tron and NytePath; you just know that the two men sitting across from you aren’t there to drink and be merry, but to help you make money, see your book into the hands of your target market and get paid themselves. Who are we? We are your guides into the crypto-space, and we will publish you. You slide your manuscript across the table, and we slide a document across from our side. “It’s time to get down to business, don’t worry, we hate legal documents too.” The papers are signed, we review your book. You turn your head and look at the rest of the bar as they drinking and being merry, after just rejecting you for the last time. This time you signed a deal in the shadows. You smile and turn back to the table. You’re a revolutionary now, supporting the NytePath Cryptocurrency, “Revenue from the sale of your book will be used to sustain the value of it... How would you like to be paid?” You write your answer down on the document and initial it. There’s a loud slam and two officers barge in. The music stops and you look up. You feel like you’ve been taken, and your manuscript stolen. But you look down and see your copy of the document protecting you with our real names on them, the men from behind the shadows. You smile and walk out the pub passing the other companies by. The officers don’t know it, but you do, you stand for a cause, and your work is part of it. Six months later, digital sales of your book are through the roof and you get paid US Dollar, you see the breakdown of transaction from Bitcoin and from Fiat. You smile and thank God for, “The Bitcoin” and the two shadows from the back of the pub.

The Nyte Publication's team has thought long and hard about the genre and content that it will publish. That is why we have decided to create a sub-genre, "Crypto-Fiction". As we hammer out the requirements, we only at this time request that Bitcoin be mentioned once in your work as a writing prompt.

Our content will cover this new sub-genre and also incorporate Non-Fiction technical writings. We aim to publish documents that can help people and add value to their lives. One such example can be a Technical Analysis paper on the Trading Technicals of the cryptocurrency markets.

To avoid a limited reader niche, we want to be able to publish all fiction and all papers. A Psychlogical Research Paper on the KETO diet may not fit our publication check-list, however, we can look for a way for that KETO Diet paper to make the cut. We will work with you. An example of a work-around may mean that you simply need to outfit your research, "KETO Diet Bought with Bitcoin". We do not just want to challenge our readers to learn how to shop with this new medium, but we want to challenge our authors to learn about this new industry too.

Maybe you have a Technical Paper describing how SHA-256 needs to be implemented in a certain industry. Selling this work may be difficult to sell along side a Psychology Research Paper on a Diet. However, if someone where to be looking for a Diet and came across a paper on SHA256, can it be written for that person to understand it.

It is difficult and highly uncommon for a publication to break into so many niches. Please submit us your content for approval and we will see how we can work with what you have.

Please submit polished works and manuscripts to our provided email address. At this time we will accept submissions that have been sent to other publishers.


Nyte Publication's will see authors' material through to public comsumtion. It will carve out a place for it's new sub-genre and forge the path forward into this brave new world.


Our vision is to establish a wealth of authors and content. We will break out authors into the mainstream spotlight. We will obtain a Comic Book and Anime presence. We will see our content into Print editions and forge strategic partnerships. Our long term vision and plans include an digital publication platfrom intergrated with a crypto-token wallet.


Bitcoin and cryptocurreny is a 'Bleeding Edge' new innovation this world is adopting. Nyte Publication's is born out of the crypto-industry. We view this subject area as the future, not just in technology but in real world application. Cryptocurrencies unlock numerous possibilities. Opening up our authors to the global crypto-economy allows us to read a wider reading audience.

Project Roll-Out Timeline

Below you will find the operational Timeline for our company. Though the company is not public, our values of transparency hold true. The Nyte Publication project will adhere to the following timeline:

  1. Incorporation of Nyte Publications in the USA
  2. Completion of Cryptopia Writing
  3. Ability to Shop via NTP, Bitcoin, Altcoins
  4. Completion of Cryptopia Editing
  5. Cover Design for Cryptopia
  6. Copyright of Cryptopia
  7. ISBN Registration of Cryptopia
  8. ePub Edition of Cryptopia
  9. Sale of Cryptopia
  10. Public Marketing for Sale of Cryptopia
  11. New Author Contract Drawn Up
  12. Royalty Payment Program Setup
  13. Niche Specific Prospecting for New Authors
  14. Advertising for New Authors
  15. Writing of 1st Technical Paper
  16. Vetting of Prospective Authors and Writings
  17. Publication and Marketing Cost Assessment of Prospective Works
  18. Publication Cycle for New Works
  19. Quaterly Income and Cashflow Review
  20. Quarterly Assessment for NytePath (NTP) Buy-Back with Book Sale Profits
  21. Development of eReader
  22. Intergration of NTP Wallet into eReader
  23. Digital Nyte Publications Market Place
  24. Research and Logistics of Print Publication
  25. Strategic Partnerships for Print Publications
  26. Print Publication Trial Run with Cryptopia or Best Selling Work
Corporate Social Responsbility

We feel it is our mission to give back to the public and our community by working with authors who have never been published before. We also see it fit to open our doors to talented new editors who are looking for their break into the industry. As our compnay grows, as will our CSR programs. A portion of the profits from the sale of Cryptopia will go toward a Charity. We hope to inspire other authors looking to write for a purpose in addition to a profit. As this donation program grows, we will outline the details more in depth.

Management Team

Michael Cohee - Michael is a dedicated entrepreneur, programmer, writer, and IT Specalist. He is the CEO of Nyte Publications.

TBA - Organization, Leadership, PR, Editing.

Financial Structure

The following is an example of our payment strategy. This is subject to change and can be discussed on a case-by-case basis. This serves simply as a template. The proposed financial structure of a book release is as follows:

  • 60% Nyte Publication will Retain
  • 30% Author Royalty for Life

Of the 60% that Nyte Publications will Retain:

  • 40% Nyte Publications Corporation: Salaries, Webserver, Future Employment, Overhead, Legal Fees, Unforeesn Costs
  • 5% CSR Program Funding
  • 5% NTP Buy-Back Program
  • 10% Future Marketing

We will publish an example contract template that a prospective author can expect to see before their work is published or business is done.

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